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A live question and answer night with Vincent

Status: Idea Vault
by michaelwelsh on ‎13-04-2012 19:58

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a live question and answer session with the boss maybe once every few months, if he had the time of course

Status: Idea Vault
by usmanozzy786 on ‎13-04-2012 19:59

I see what you mean and I also agree with you but this will cost and take lots of time to implement

by badgerhud on ‎13-04-2012 19:59
Yes, but it would get swamped! lol
by shazmitch on ‎13-04-2012 19:59

i like that idea


by giffgaff; ergo sum bonusball on ‎13-04-2012 20:00
by ravs_94 on ‎13-04-2012 20:01

Would be intresting..Maybe a little too time consuming however.. Possibly having some more exposure or a message from the main boss would be really good I think..

by andymcandy on ‎13-04-2012 20:02

Vincent isn't the boss of giffgaff. He just runs the community side of it. The gaffer (Mike Fairman) is the boss Smiley Wink

by stephenmiller on ‎13-04-2012 20:04

Shame you missed the Q&A on Google+ with Craig, Zobia and Voldermort, that was fun Smiley Happy

by top cat pinkcalculator on ‎13-04-2012 20:04
Some of the staff did come on google plus for an hour but it wasn't really a question and answer session more of a fun social type
by ii on ‎13-04-2012 20:21

He should just turn up on the forum every now and then and start a For The Next Hour Ask Me Anything thread.

by aaronjlaw on ‎13-04-2012 22:01

If he has time maybe, but I don think it will happen.


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