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Add support for BBM on giffgaff.

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by lchering on ‎21-10-2010 14:20
by aks782 on ‎21-10-2010 14:23

See this idea post:



The BIS services development is already in progess, we just are waiting on Blackberry Smiley Happy

by giffgaff head-scratcher darrenpainter on ‎21-10-2010 14:24

Sorry this is a duplicate Idea



giffgaff stated

We're looking at doing this, but it's very diffecult to implement and costly. So it's not a short term goal for us.

by danielobobi on ‎01-11-2010 20:28

Thank You GIFFGAFF As You Have My Gratitude For Making My Life Cheaper Happier And Saving My Money From Being Tenaciously Gripped From My Palms.

by vincent on ‎26-11-2010 11:37
by dalef123 on ‎11-07-2011 14:47

giffgaff is all ready a good service because of its cheap prices but a think with the cheap prices and bbm with it too giff gaff could get more costumers

by xh4sanx on ‎26-08-2011 01:20
Its a good deal needs bbm tho been promised this summer but nothing ?! Smiley Sad
by kingmars on ‎29-10-2011 16:54

get more money and cumstomers is you get BBM!!! Smiley Sad


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