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Choose your mobile number

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by simonfrosty on ‎15-10-2011 11:31

Might this be possible? To have a choice of number?


Other services provide(familymobile/skype) a choice of number which means you can choose a specific number you can easily remember.

by andreww on ‎15-10-2011 11:32
by andreww on ‎15-10-2011 11:33
Always need to search before posting a new idea please Smiley Happy
by giffgaff_1 on ‎15-10-2011 11:34
this has been asked a fem times before and refused. i dont know of any other network apart from family mobile that do this
by simonfrosty on ‎15-10-2011 11:39

skype allows you to choose your number and use a local area code which would also be useful on giffgaff,

by tim1974 on ‎15-10-2011 12:16

How many people learn numbers now that phones remember everything for you?


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