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by this_is_ben on ‎25-04-2012 20:37


Have you ever run out of minutes or texts on the goodybags, (this mainly applies to the Hokey Cokey with 300 texts) and cant afford £10 credit to last you out the month as you are still at school or uni where money is tight anyway?


Make topping up with just £5 an option or even allow a user defined amount above £2, would make finances much easier to manage. This would also be great as a small supply in case you do run out of minutes and texts on the less expensive goodybags.


It may be simple but very useful if you are in a situation like I was in!


If ya think its a good idea, give it a kudos! Smiley Wink

by usmanozzy786 on ‎25-04-2012 20:40

umm interesting

by gawright on ‎25-04-2012 20:40

Sorry, suggested many many times before but rejected.


This isn't an option because it costs giffgaff money to process each transaction so small topups are not finacially viable

by as7861 ‎25-04-2012 20:46 - edited ‎25-04-2012 20:46
by I boldly went... bertiebat ‎25-04-2012 20:46 - edited ‎25-04-2012 20:48
by I boldly went... bertiebat on ‎25-04-2012 20:48

Sorry as7861 (cross posted) Smiley Sad

by as7861 on ‎25-04-2012 20:49

Its okie don't worry about it Smiley Happy

by this_is_ben on ‎27-04-2012 22:31

Mybe to save transaction costs for giffgaff, the money is taken out out by debit monthly or 2 monthly after a few £5 topups although Im sure there would be some other problem with that :L

by gawright on ‎28-04-2012 06:25
It's payg so what if the user leaves before paying their debt? What you are proposing is post pay, which is probably not a sensible move for people struggling to afford a £10 topup

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