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Debranding and rebranding to GIFF GAFF

Status: Implemented
by anthonydclark on ‎08-05-2010 04:19

I have been on my mobile today and I use an unlocked phone from the vodafone network to use GIFF GAFF.


I would love a section or something where we could have people placing there own fanbased or maybe officall Giff Gaff logo based screensavers, wallpapers, ringtones that we could download.


I have searched  everywhere for a GIFF GAFF phone wallpaper and to no avail




by peter vanguard on ‎09-05-2010 13:50

If you search 'wallpapers' or 'screensavers' ect in the search box, you will find some pretty neat stuff!

by churchofjediism on ‎09-05-2010 22:30

Cool ideas for the ringtones - these could be free download onto the phone, or cost say 10 points per ring tone - great idea.

by anthonydclark on ‎11-05-2010 23:06

I think thats a cool idea to use points for ringtones wallpapers etc also

by churchofjediism ‎15-05-2010 17:37 - edited ‎15-05-2010 17:37

Any news on this this? Are we making it happen? :-)

by adamrbell on ‎17-08-2010 23:36

Hi Guys,


I made this for my HTC Legend (Android) lockscreen




Enjoy :-)


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