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Mobile friendly m.giffgaff.com for mobile based topups

Status: Idea Vault
by silentwol student on ‎31-08-2010 21:04

The idea: create a mobile friendly version of the website at m.giffgaff.com so that users can top up and buy goodybags from their phone.  Only basic functionality would be needed: sign in, buy credit, buy goodybag.  Users would have to set up their credit/debit card details via the main website.

by brradley on ‎31-08-2010 21:42
I think this is coming. xmob had a post somewhere saying he was developing this. Smiley Happy
by adept xmob adept ‎31-08-2010 22:08 - edited ‎31-08-2010 22:08

Yes, the thread is hereSmiley Happy


I've got a little bit more testing to do, then I'll be having another chat with Vincent.

by notefarm on ‎01-09-2010 15:38

This is a great idea. I would imagine this would be helpful to all giffgaff users.

by vincent on ‎07-09-2010 11:04
Status changed to: Working On It
This is accepted, however we are working on releasing the API's for this so our community will actually create the functionality like xmob is doing already.
by jimandrews counsellor on ‎24-10-2010 11:55

Any news on this development? I think this will be very useful and would urge on the developers.

by callumacrae on ‎24-10-2010 11:56

Have you got like 20 phones? :/



by vincent on ‎09-11-2010 15:09
Status changed to: Working On It
We are looking into making the whole of giffgaff including the top up pages mobile friendly in the first quarter of 2011.
by jaysinha on ‎10-12-2010 15:43

For iPhones there is a useful giffgaff app, but I think it isn't produced officially by giffgaff, and it only allows top-ups from vouchers. It would be cool if there was an official giffgaff app.

by jimandrews counsellor on ‎08-01-2011 08:43

Any progress here?

by obelisk on ‎08-03-2011 22:10


vincent wrote:

We are looking into making the whole of giffgaff including the top up pages mobile friendly in the first quarter of 2011.

If you could at least make the top up page mobile-friendly, that would be a great start. I hadn't realised just how un-friendly it is until I tried with Opera Mini. With Mobile View on, there is no way to select the top up amount. With Mobile View off, the top up amounts are visible but not clickable.



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