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Remember username/password or sign in automatically for gg mobile site

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by usmanozzy786 on ‎25-03-2012 20:17

As the title says it all


Before you say I did not do my homeword I did but could not find something same as this.


My idea is that on giffgaff mobile site there should be a option called sign in automatically or remember username/password this will be really good advantage for people becuase then they dont have to spend like between 40-60 seconds typing in their giffgaff username and password.


If you like the idea dont forget to KUDOS so giffgaff can have a look and implement it

by omar_s1 on ‎25-03-2012 20:18
My browser automatically Saves my username and password, so it doesn't really matter
by as7861 on ‎25-03-2012 20:19
by johnferris on ‎25-03-2012 20:20
Opera mini browser and my phone browser remembers my details

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