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Where did I get my kudos !?!

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by iphone_user on ‎30-12-2011 13:43



While i was looking at my kudos and i was wondering which boards i got them from, and how mant i had from the ideas board. So after all morning i couldnt find anything like this.


So when you go to your public stats, you get this page;




Now this is what i think it should be like.; See that there is now a like;



                                                                                        ! See the link above !


Now this is where the link should take you, this is the page where you sewe where you got your kudos;




See it shows where you got your kudos, the last ones you got at the top, Now this is what i think would be good;




Now i think this would be great as it would be intresting to see where you got your kudos from. Also you could click on the board, lets say "Ideas" . You could then see the posts. 


May not be that hard, but would be so cool.




P.s. This took 2 hours in paint ! , Plus im not that good at paint!?! ;-)


Nice to see if you like this or not.


Status: Idea Vault
This is already possible Smiley Happy
by marvel andy0 marvel ‎30-12-2011 13:49 - edited ‎30-12-2011 13:50

The About Me page already has the last 5 posts of My Recent Kudos Received, further down the page than the bottom of the image you've cropped, and you can expand that list to show the whole lot

by top cat pinkcalculator on ‎30-12-2011 13:50
Does it really matter ?
by maheed on ‎30-12-2011 13:52
by iphone_user on ‎30-12-2011 14:04

Does it really matter ?


I would like to know where i got mine ;-)

by pellonet on ‎30-12-2011 14:08

I would like to see a link that shows how many of the kudos for some users that come from other accounts they have set up. Smiley Frustrated

by cbh1948 on ‎30-12-2011 14:08

Bit pointless IMO

by marvel andy0 marvel on ‎30-12-2011 14:19

pellonet wrote:


I would like to see a link that shows how many of the kudos for some users that come from other accounts they have set up 


That might be deduced from something else that already exists - the Recent Kudos lists on the right hand side of the About Me page

by welshdragon92 on ‎30-12-2011 16:34
Doesn't this already exist? Go to about me, scroll down to recent kudos recived. You can also see the full list
by ace of spades sloz ace of spades ‎30-12-2011 18:43 - edited ‎30-12-2011 18:47
You can see your kudos recieved from your posts and threads in a paticular forum explained here http://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Learn-giffgaff-Top-Tips/View-own-posts-and-topics-in-paticular-foru...

go to the last message of that thread
by hazel22 on ‎11-03-2012 22:41
Status changed to: Idea Vault
This is already possible Smiley Happy

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