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You Tube competiton

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by lisafone on ‎19-04-2012 14:34

How about GiffGaff running a You Tube comeptition to make a video to promote GiffGaff.


There can be prizes for the top 3. Members can vote for the best.


This way we can all share it on Twitter/Facebook and spread the message......

by kausar on ‎19-04-2012 14:35
good idea
by bevlive on ‎19-04-2012 14:36

This sort of thing has been done before, infact someone did bring it up on here a few months back.


I think it's an idea that they have in reserve and could bring it back again sometime when they want to, but for now it's not something they would consider i don't think.

by lisafone on ‎19-04-2012 14:36

thanks Kausar  could you give some kudos as it needs to reach ten to be looked at   Woman LOL

by emmybear on ‎19-04-2012 14:39

it's also like the idea i posted about 5 mins back?

by lisafone on ‎19-04-2012 14:46

didnt see yours?


you also raised one about a video on you tube?

by solid247 on ‎19-04-2012 17:02
Been suggested a few times toolhire did a comp, with prize money maybe it will happen again but also this is duplicate to this http://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Submit-Great-giffgaff-Ideas/GIffgaff-viral-ad-awards/idi-p/1129857
by solid247 on ‎19-04-2012 17:03

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