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buy goody bag using phone by calling 43430

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by azeem_007 on ‎08-06-2010 15:46

i think as well as just topping up on this line, there should be an option available for customers to purchsae a goodybag using their phone. this will really help with some problems members are facing on trying to buy s goodybag online and could also broaden opportunities for more people to buy goodybags.




please kudo if you think this is a good idea thanks

by counsellor danielclo1il on ‎08-06-2010 16:03

i believe this is coming soon

by aks782 on ‎08-06-2010 17:32
by azeem_007 on ‎09-06-2010 22:11

need this quicker than soon

by vincent on ‎10-06-2010 15:57
by hamzafarooq3 on ‎29-06-2011 12:42

agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee makes life so much more easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

by fatiha on ‎02-08-2011 15:39

i wish gg did this, we all want he goody bags

by bilalmukhtar1 on ‎19-08-2011 16:39

there should also be an auto-goodybag feature!

by iandvedwards on ‎27-10-2011 12:45

i agree - auto goodybag feature would be great!

by andreww on ‎24-03-2012 18:01
by andreww on ‎24-03-2012 18:01
Corrected duplicate now applied Smiley Happy

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