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check goody bag balance

Status: Idea Vault
by rachel01 on ‎10-11-2010 12:28

I think it wud b a good idea to be able to check youre goody bag minutes that u have left the same as you can check your balace , from ur phone. 


kudos if u think a good idea!

Status: Idea Vault
Already implemented by dialing: *100*7#
by giffgaff head-scratcher darrenpainter on ‎10-11-2010 12:30
You can already by dialing *100*7#
by timst on ‎10-11-2010 12:31
You can just dial *100*7#
by liam79 on ‎10-11-2010 12:33

theres an app for that for iphone users

by neil40 on ‎10-11-2010 12:41
You can set up balance notifications that tell you how many goodybag mins left after every call via my giffgaff. Neil
by vincent on ‎05-01-2011 16:51
Status changed to: Idea Vault
Already implemented by dialing: *100*7#
by turkeyphant on ‎09-02-2011 11:24

Is there one that tells you your minutes _and_ your texts allowance?

by markmcgeever1986yrs on ‎18-09-2011 10:34
it would help if i could get the streaming settings for this network cant even go on youtube
by scottloach1987 on ‎17-10-2012 00:15
How do you get the streaming settings?
by oldyorkie on ‎17-10-2012 00:56



Wow!! ... you're a little lost on the forum I fear? ..... Where did you dig this up from??  Smiley Tongue 

This thread is over a year old ?


You need to be asking your question in the "help and advice" section 

or better still, assuming you mean you're struggling with youtube??, have a look at this post in the link below which goes into detail on how to get the best from youtube - it's called "youtube mythbuster"

by bobrobinson on ‎17-10-2012 01:00

Theres an app for both of them on google play mate and both apps are free.Allthe bestSmiley Very Happy


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