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make the WHOLE site mobile friendly

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by adamivison on ‎20-02-2011 15:53
Until an app comes out for android and other platforms, we can only get a community mobile page, so just make the whole site, my giffgaff, help etc.<br><br>It would make it alot quicker, and some people can only access the giffgaff site from mobiles (top ups etc)
by aks782 on ‎20-02-2011 15:54
by thsn2k10 on ‎20-02-2011 15:55
by samlowe on ‎20-02-2011 16:05

iPhone already has an App.

Are you sure Android doesn't?

by adamivison on ‎20-02-2011 16:20
Yes, but apparently some members are making one

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