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by adrenalin84 on ‎23-04-2012 22:18

any plans for adding a few picture messages to the data plans? i would be happy reducing my unlimited messages if i was able to get 5-10 picture messages

by pjr on ‎23-04-2012 22:19
Been suggested before.
by badgerhud on ‎23-04-2012 22:19
Why not try sending pictures via email, our apps such a whatsapp? They use data so effectively free Smiley Happy
by andreww on ‎23-04-2012 22:20
by andreww on ‎23-04-2012 22:21
In a word, no, sorry!
by adrenalin84 on ‎24-04-2012 00:07

Smiley Sad

by harrispp on ‎24-04-2012 13:27
I know it's been suggested before and there are other ways to send pictures but surely it is time giffgaff have some mms messages within a goodybag allowance.

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