A nice surprise!

A nice surprise!

by vincent on ‎17-05-2010 11:36 - last edited on ‎20-11-2014 10:38 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

Hi all,


We have a nice surprise for you in store!


As you know we have given everyone who signed up to giffgaff free internet browsing from when we launched until May the 25th of this year.


Some of you, who were our early adaptors, got yourselves more than 6 Months of free internet browsing that way. Which is pretty amazing in itself, but now the period of free internet is coming to a close.


*Awwww!* *sniff*


Yes, I know, it’s a sad day in all our lives…


And so we announced the price for internet on giffgaff PAYG if you’re not using one of our goodybags. Here it is again:


We will charge 20p per MB up to a maximum of 50p (which works out at 2.5MB) after which you get up to 30MB for free.


Should you go over 30MB, we will then start charging at a rate of 20p per MB.


This means you get a slow incline of 20p per MB initially, up to a cap of 50p, which gives you up to 30MB, after which the rate returns to 20p per MB.


Again we collaborated with the community to get the price just right for everyone and I would just like to thank everyone for their fantastic input and the time everyone took to give us their feedback and especially:


englishbeer, andydeakin, jonmd, alternative, zuberb, sausageandbun, trick202, gobelge, paul_shirley, jadsie, ragnorak, vandeen, kaz and phil58.


Thank you all guys for sticking with it and staying constructive!


So as a thank you and because O2 can’t actually deliver the technical solution in time, we will continue to give away free data for another Month and will only start charging from the end of June!


(exact date when data charging will start will be confirmed later)


So have another Month of free internet browsing on us and have a great May!






by ragnorak motivator on ‎17-05-2010 12:31

Excellent, that'll save a tenner. :smileyhappy: Cheers

by jpc on ‎17-05-2010 15:35

That is a nice surprise Vincent, thank you.  Also thanks to O2, whose customary tardiness made it possible :-)

by daveysludge on ‎17-05-2010 16:40



Cheers for the info pal!

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