App of the Week - Review of the Advanced Task Killer

App of the Week - Review of the Advanced Task Killer

by cricpk on ‎16-02-2012 07:00 - last edited on ‎03-07-2014 15:33 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

Recently we have seen an emergence of the Apps market. In the third quarter of 2011, more than 2.4 Billion Apps were downloaded. However are any of them any good?


This is your weekly guide to the innovative, creative and productive Apps on the Android Marketplace.





Advanced Task Killer

Category: Productivity

Price: Free

Size: 97kb


As mobile phones have become more advanced, the have gained the ability to run several programmes and applications at the same time. Most smart phones (all Android phones) allow Apps to keep running in the background. This in effect makes the phone more useful and convenient. However, this has also resulted in causing problems. Most phones experience a significant reduction of battery life. Some phones also see an effect on their general performance. This App has been designed to overcome both of these problems. It allows you to stop the Apps which you do not wish to be running in the background. This does not permanently stop the App from running. Instead it turns them off, and you can switch the App back on when you decide to use it again.


When you open the App, all the Apps which are running on the phone are displayed. From here you can choose the Apps you prefer to keep running and the Apps you wish to stop. To further convenience, the App automatically marks all the Apps which are running. You can unmark the Apps which you wish to remain running, before you “kill” (stop) the rest.


Different Apps tend to react differently once stopped. Apps which constantly update themselves tend to stop updating until you go back onto them. Some other Apps such as games may pause. The App killer does not cause any harm to stopped Apps. Most Apps which are stopped resume from where they were stopped. Apps generally start back up normally and their performance is not affected.


The layout of the Advanced Task Killer is very clear and straight forward. It looks very similar to the layout of the Android system. Therefore, if you can manage to use the basic functions of your smart phone, you should be able to use this App without any problems. The App also comes with settings which allow you to personalise the App further. You can choose to create a list of Apps which you want to be automatically stopped. A “ignore list” can also be created. In the list you can select Apps which you would constantly allow to be running on your phone. You can also programme the App to automatically stop other Apps running in the background every time you switch on your phone. This is very useful as most Apps tend to automatically start running when the phone is switched on.


It is no surprise that this App has received thousands of five stars rating on the Android marketplace. The App is cleaver but more importantly productive when the battery needs to be saved.

For these reasons I would rate this App 9 out of 10.