Ask The Expert: got any Android questions?

Ask The Expert: got any Android questions?

by wsjudd on ‎09-04-2012 21:01 - last edited on ‎23-06-2014 10:19 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

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It's the spirit of community that makes giffgaff special - it's all about helping each other out. It's in this spirit that we launch a new series, Ask The Expert. The basic idea's pretty simple - ask me questions about the topic of the week, and I'll do my best to provide useful answers to the most interesting and popular questions.


Our first topic will be one close to my heart - the mobile operating system produced by Google, Android.


Whether you're trying to choose a new handset, want advice on an app or even need a bit of friendly troubleshooting, I'm here to help. As well as specific problems, you're also free to ask more nebulous questions about upcoming Android devices or Android's place in the mobile ecosystem. I won't be able to answer everything, but I'll certainly do my best.


Please submit your questions in the comments below. If you'd like to suggest a topic for next week, you can do that too.


I'm really excited to launch this new series and I hope it goes well. Thanks for reading, and I hope you take part!


This article was written by William Judd, a freelance tech journalist and copywriter.

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by turkeyphant on ‎09-04-2012 21:46
In your opinion, what are the biggest kernel flaws in ICS?
by turkeyphant on ‎10-04-2012 00:44
Why can't you root a work phone?! I would have thought most competent workplaces would REQUIRE that...
by marcburnside212 on ‎10-04-2012 11:12
Iv had no signal since porting thursday. Im loseing money by having no phone please help!!!!
by cim on ‎10-04-2012 13:32

Any real world examples of security risks from installing custom ROMs and apps on rooted phones?

by mitchell2010 on ‎11-04-2012 14:38
My top 10 would be : (Need root access)titanium backup - this is essential for me to backup my apps for when i change Rom. (Need root access) my backup - to backup my data including messages, contacts and other things. Bluetooth file manager - makes it easy for me to send and recieve stuff via bluetooth. Adobe Flash player - self explanory. Dspmanager - a very good music equilizer which only comes built in with cyanogenmod Roms and is not available on the play market. Theme chooser - lets me change my phones theme to anything i want e.g Samsung,erricson, and a lot of others, comes built in with cyanogenmod Roms and once again not available on the play market. facebook/Google+ - self explanory. Avast mobile security - an antivirus program but this one i must say i think is the best it really is something and if you have root access you can unlock a few more very nifty features. ill end with a game..this is a really tough one alt i have narrowed it down to...zenonia 4. The game is free and makes hours of fun gameplay, i have liked all of the zenonia range of games and why i chose this is mainly because the game is free for such a game...oh and did i also mention no nasty ads either :-P so that concludes my top 10 me some of yours if you dont mind :smileyhappy:.
by amandadrew06 on ‎11-04-2012 16:04
Hi I have set up my sim in my I pone and it's all working except my picture messenging it won't let me sent any I have five pound credit but they still won't go thur could u please help
by styly on ‎11-04-2012 16:14
I got an xperia x8 App2sd isn't compatible.. I have no pc.. What can I do?
by mitchell2010 on ‎11-04-2012 16:17
@Amanda - as i wrote above this should hopefully solve your problem. Are you using an android phone? Well if so go here and download the giffgaff app - - this will input the giffgaff mms settings for you and your problem will be solved
by mitchell2010 on ‎11-04-2012 16:18
@styly could you elaborate please im not too sure i understand your problem thanks.
by paultheball on ‎11-04-2012 21:18
Thank you for your consideration's. My instincts are to NOT send it for repair and pursue a different strategy, Your reply has given me food for thought and I will sleep on it and decide in the morning.
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