Best free apps for BlackBerry 10

Best free apps for BlackBerry 10

by handy giff-staffer victoriatagg on ‎08-03-2013 19:32 - last edited on ‎30-06-2014 16:59 by handy giff-staffer zobia22



BlackBerry 10 has finally launched. Here are five apps you need to download.




Angry Birds

Free (at launch)


Star Wars and Angry Birds? It’s gaming heaven.  The plot follows the (original) Star Wars trilogy from Tatooine, to the Death Star and Hoth, with more levels promised.


As you progress you discover new characters each with its own skill Luke Skywalker has a lightsabre, Han Solo a laser gun, Obi Wan throws block and Chewbacca simply uses his weight to power the pigs.

Addictive, witty and great fun the Force breaths new life into the Angry Birds series.


TuneIn Radio



FM radios are rarities in high-end smartphones. TuneIn Radio is the solution.  An internet radio app, which let you listen to music, chat and even podcasts over 3G or WiFi.


The choice of stations is staggering, with a huge selection of genres - from 80s & 90s to Easy Listening, Hip Hop to World music using a slick user interface.  Search via artist, DJ, or type of music and list.  Text is a little jagged on the Z10’s 4.2-inch screen, but that tiny gripe is our only complaint about an otherwise fantastic music app.





Keeping track of news can involve laboriously jumping from website to website. Taptu lets you ‘DJ’ your news by aggregating feeds into a single place.  Select genres that interest you - perhaps Tech and Gadgets or Parenting - and the apps pulls in stories from a range of sources.


Search for individual websites, such as National Geographic, using the StreamStore and make it more personal by collating social networking feeds from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Scrolling through the app can feel a little sluggish, but Taptu is a simple, low-effort way of keeping informed.


PicShop Lite



The BlackBerry Z10’s 8-megapixel camera has a very limited selection of editable feature, which is where PicShop comes in.  The app lets you access the camera to take pictures, so you can Autofix, Crop, straighten and adjust the Brightness and Colour on the spot.


There are 20 filters including Sepia, Lomo and Emboss, with a slider to adjust the strength of the effect.

Upgrade for £1.50 to the full PicShop to access Frames and Extras, but the Lite version offers enough features to satisfy most users.





Everyone loves a trip to the movies, but don’t hand your money over without checking Flixster’s huge selection of reviews.  Along with current and upcoming movies search for your local cinema to quickly view showtimes and contact information.  The UI isn’t quite as slick as the Windows Phone 8 app, but for cinema fans Flixster is the movie app to download.


Are you using a BlackBerry 10 device?  What do you think of the app store? Share your favourite BlackBerry 10 apps in the comments below.

by lucie_merrell on ‎08-03-2013 21:23

i think copter is a pretty good fun free addictive game 

by stealthybigboss on ‎09-03-2013 16:39
dont like bb but sum good apps
by limpinpup on ‎10-03-2013 09:09

hi Victoria 

                  Thanks for the info, I don't own a z10 ( yet ) :smileysad: but I have had a play with one for a half shift and I really liked it and now you don't need the add on that is a bonus.

                   The one thing I have a problem with concerning the APPS is in most cases you can't try before you buy

( bummer ) my favourite application on play book is lava music.



by pac_man2012 on ‎10-03-2013 22:07
I have the Z10 I've hardly used it as I prefer the qwerty keyboard but its a great phone & is way more powerful that the iPhone! The app store is ok then again I'm not really into gaming on a phone.
by jamesfry on ‎12-03-2013 10:07

The photo editing one states it's £150 (on the video), might need a decmal place.. :smileyhappy: 


Also, taking a photo of the wall? Common, get creative! 

by ewatkin on ‎25-04-2013 10:59
My network is still down
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