Friday Poll: 23/12/2011

Friday Poll: 23/12/2011

by handy giff-staffer zobia22 ‎23-12-2011 13:13 - edited ‎19-08-2014 16:10

Last week we asked you: Who is the best superhero?


You voted...


BATMAN as you favourite superhero! :smileyhappy:


Here are the results:





Some answers from the official poll thread


joshaw:  its gota be Batman rite, why are those other insignificant self claimed super hero's on there :smileyvery-happy: Kidding. Cool poll :smileyhappy:

bluemoonbabz: Gotta be captain scarlett...

wightsnowolf: I would say Wolverine, I think he is epic.

the_joseph: The correct answer is Batman. Case closed.


This week we are asking you: Where do you get your best ideas? Vote and reply in the official thread

by sidbrazil ‎23-12-2011 13:46 - edited ‎23-12-2011 13:48
I'm sure I've seen a similar post created by tobias_b asking same question.
by sabrina_khan786 on ‎24-12-2011 09:01
I would actually think again. Just cross out my answer please. I would actually think... When I'm sitting on the toilet. I close my eyes and put my both hands on the side of my head and close my eyes and think! :smileyhappy:
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