Friday Poll 30/12/2011

Friday Poll 30/12/2011

by handy giff-staffer zobia22 ‎30-12-2011 11:39 - edited ‎19-08-2014 16:09

Hi guys!


Hope you're all well :smileyhappy:


Last week we asked you, where do you get your best ideas? Winning by a huge milestone was...


'Lying in bed trying to sleep'.


friday poll 23 december.jpg


 So, lying in bed really is the best time where you all get your thinking caps on :smileywink:


This week we are asking you, how will you be spending your new year? Vote and discuss in the official poll thread


Happy New Year! 

by iceqntrider on ‎30-12-2011 13:17
I've always had my best ideas while in the shower, but that was another option that sadly didn't make the shortlist... :smileyhappy: P.S. Does tesco have a toilet, and is it open at one in the morning, as I can see that being a hot bed of good ideas... :smileyhappy: Wouldn't it stephenmiller?! :smileywink:
by stephenmiller on ‎30-12-2011 13:29

I think it would Icy yeah, you know what it is about Tesco and I think for most people in the bathroom, they have really weird lighting: kinda feels ethereal or other worldly like you're in another dimension or something.

by stephenmiller on ‎31-12-2011 05:40

Sorry I missed those first time round, i demand more toilet humour in this thread!

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