Friday Poll Result: How long you have been participating here on the community?

Friday Poll Result: How long you have been participating here on the community?

by david_m on ‎29-07-2011 09:24 - last edited on ‎20-08-2014 09:55 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

With Claire’s challenge and your support last week we saw many new and old members participating on the forums. The Friday poll was part of the challenge. We asked you to share with us how long you have been participating here on the community and the results show us that as ever, giffgaff is driven by you our members. For this we salute you.




Next week’s poll: This one is going to require more than ever your support. For those of you have not yet read Tom’s blog post please do for next week’s Friday poll will be the beginning of making us all aware of a very serious campaign and as always, whatever we do involves you. There will be more on this to come early next week.


by oscarunthank on ‎30-07-2011 18:27

Just found giffgaff, it's great. I've recommended it to my parents who will benifit from it!!

by stealthybigboss on ‎30-07-2011 20:08
^^ glad u like it and welcome
by kh4ny on ‎30-07-2011 21:28



GiifGaff is  a great network and I have invited lots of my friends to join giffgaff but Mr/Mss GiffGaff I have to tell you This that you have to make your service work properly and better than other network because we want the best!

Last night giffgaff absolutely disgusted me resulting me in being locked outside my house for 6 hours (4am-10am) I did not have any credit left to ring my brother so he opens the door for me, I went for 1 hour walk to get a voucher and simply it would not allow me to top up due to technical problems FOR 6 HOURS! This must be a joke! 

I don't know where else to post This that's why I am posting it here, I hope Mr/Ms GiffGaff visualises This and make a difference so no one else goes through this again.

by kh4ny on ‎30-07-2011 21:30


by billy786619 on ‎31-07-2011 10:59

will defo be part of it

by piplisa on ‎31-07-2011 11:49

it nice to see people pop in and out.

by deanieboy on ‎14-08-2011 19:30

Relatively new to Giffgaff, on for a month and loving it. Giff gaff is a revelation in the mobile service industry. Quirky, modern and i love the community aspect where we all share problems and solutions with one another. Its great. I've been with Orange for 15 years and 'shafted' by them many a time, so when a work collegue told me about Giffgaff i had to take a look. I'd never go back to a contract now. Giffgaff deserve to be the No1 provider in my eyes and i cannot spread the word enough. Lets all help giffgaff take over the world !!!!!!

by hamishlaw on ‎14-08-2011 21:38

What have I missed ?

by instructor borobabe instructor on ‎14-08-2011 22:34

I have been posting on the forums since before the actual network went live.  I was specifically sought after to join up, after my participation on the website Yahoo Answers, where I am a UK top 10 answerer in the Mobile Phones and Plans category.  I have been a little quiet lately, as I have been away, and haven't had time to drop by.

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