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Launch Blog

by handy giff-staffer gaffer on ‎23-09-2009 14:19 - last edited on ‎21-11-2012 15:40 by handy giff-staffer victoriatagg

Hi - welcome to giffgaff.

My name is Mike - I'm the Gaffer here at giffgaff and together with the team here in Slough I'll be working to launch our mobile service within the next few months.

We're hoping to start a bit of a revolution in our industry – that's because we believe in the power of collaboration to give you a great service at a great price. Because we'll keep things simple we'll have low running costs and you won't see us spending millions on glossy TV ads either. And the real difference is that if you're prepared to help us out a bit you'll get something back from us as a thank you.

One of the other things that will be different about giffgaff is that we'll be listening to customers, and asking for their views and help like no other mobile company.

That collaboration starts now - myself and other members of the team will be posting to this blog regularly to tell you how things are going, give you more details about our product and ask you for feedback. A big part our launch plan is to find like-minded people who agree with the way we want to do business. So please post back comments - we promise to read every one. Or join me on Twitter at

by Chris newcomer on ‎23-09-2009 17:35
This all sounds great! really like the whole concept and look forward to seeing this all develop!!

by Alinna newcomer on ‎23-09-2009 17:54
Sounds like a good idea - look forward to seeing it come to life!
by Toby newcomer on ‎23-09-2009 18:30
Great idea, can't wait to start giving to see what I'll get! Integrating your own unlocking service would be greatly beneficial.
by Patricia newcomer on ‎23-09-2009 19:10
Very cool, Gaffer Mike. Love the giver-taker-mobile-maker. Look forward to hearing more!
by des read newcomer on ‎23-09-2009 19:26
Interesting name. what does it mean?
by ilicco newcomer on ‎23-09-2009 20:13
good luck guys - remember, a data connection is more important that a voice one.
by Nayan newcomer on ‎23-09-2009 20:18
Fantastic concept. I do believe revolution is not an overstatement here. Looking forward to hear more about this.
by handy giff-staffer gaffer on ‎23-09-2009 20:21
Hi Des, it's an old Scottish word that means 'mutual giving'. Thanks for your interest.
by giffer newcomer on ‎23-09-2009 20:55
Concept sounds intriguing! Are all the giff gaff team O2 employees or is this a separate company?

When can we find out more?

by dug newcomer on ‎23-09-2009 21:14
Cool :-) Happy to host femtocell or other relay or indeed share my bandwidth to bridge connectivity in the London N20 area.

Feel free to ask me for help, all sounds v. exciting

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