More Hokey Cokey

More Hokey Cokey

by handy giff-staffer kimatgiffgaff on ‎27-04-2011 17:56 - last edited on ‎29-10-2014 18:18 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

It's been almost 5 months since we launched Hokey Cokey, probably giffgaff's craziest goodybag. Hokey Cokey gives you 60 UK minutes, 300 texts, and a free minute for every minute you get called. A very unusual approach to a goodybag product, as to understand its total value you first need to know if you tend to receive more calls than the ones you make.


As this product was completely different from our standard goodybags, we launched it under giffgaff labs and waited to see for reactions and conversations around it. The feedback so far has been promising and we can already see in our new our offer section that Hokey Cokey is the second most ‘liked’ goodybag.


Given its popularity, we’ve had no other option than to extend Hokey Cokey‘s expiry date; so for all of you doing the Hokey Cokey, you will be able to continue purchasing this goodybag until 30 JUN 2011. These 2 months will allow us to study the possibility of making this product permanent and to replace our current labs offering with something new and exciting.


Changes in the site reflecting the new end date for Hokey Cokey will take place this am, a few hours after Barcelona beats Real Madrid in Champions League. For all Hokey Cokey fans, please continue telling us those amazing stories on how you manage to receive more calls and get those extra free minutes.


by paul_siviter on ‎08-06-2011 10:05

please keep hokey cokey goodybag.i switched from orange payg to giff gaff and save £5 a month now being a low user this is ideal.My wife phones me more than i phone her and my 6 kids .I have converted my 14 year old daughter to giff gaff and my 17 year old son .They love the £10 unlimited tex and internet and 250 mins. this month i started with 60 mins on hokey cokey and now have 135, wow ,more than i started with.iI hope you keep it or improve if you can, so i can continue with free calls when my family call me.Unbelievable value for £5 a month.Not interested in internet, but if was free then even better value.

by saf187 on ‎02-12-2011 22:32

its not good if the pther person dont knw

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