More of the same for content and support please

More of the same for content and support please

by handy giff-staffer clairekav on ‎15-10-2010 16:52 - last edited on ‎23-11-2012 11:33 by handy giff-staffer victoriatagg

The results to our content and support questionnaire are in, thank you to the 130 odd participants, your feedback has been really valuable and will help to build improvements to the service and to the content we send via the different channels.


Last Friday I posted a survey link with a request for people to jot down their thoughts regarding customer support and content they’d like to see more or less of. I personally was interested in examining the links between our ‘giffgaff Community’ and our extended community through Facebook and Twitter. Understanding a little better where our members are interacting with giffgaff and their expectations.


I assumed that most would primarily seek info/ support via our then perhaps choose to have one other – either twitter or facebook – place for news/info. Surprisingly almost half seem to be keen to soak up everything, 48% of respondents said they are fans, follow us and view the Community /Blog.


Fans channels.gif


Content wise, 20% of you responded that you’re keeping an eye on giffgaff from a professional point of view – it seems that as we continue to do things a little differently, hopefully we can inspire others to do the same. To the member who commented they were keeping an eye out as to the success of giffgaff, no need to buy a contract we’re not going away.


Across the board it seems that competitions are popular request along with mobile news. A lot of commentary to say we’re getting things right – so that’s reassuring!



More of.jpg

Interestingly there didn’t seem to be a lot of difference for content requests between Facebook and Twitter, both sharing key themes for content – would like to see more competitions, updates, promotions.


Via the blog, many of you wanted to get more info about the giffgaff team – we’ll work on creating an expose of some of the quieter giff-staffers! Again ‘mobile news’ was a strong theme so as we’re not the expert on everything (we’re only a small team and I only know a little about a lot of things?!) you may have noticed our first guest blogger this week – we’re planning on engaging more experts / interesting folks to create blogs, hopefully giving you insights and information that isn’t purely about giffgaff (that’s enough about me, you talk about me :smileywink:).


Community wise, more polls, competitions – though there was definiately not a lot of love for ‘leaderboards’. A few comments about a bit of housework keeping things tidy, but overall most said ‘keep it as it is’.


So overall, content – we’re mostly on track, more of what we’re doing seems to be the key outtake.



The answers to the Support questions were insightful too. Again we seem to be getting things right.


Expectations around receiving an answer to non urgent customer service questions was longer than expected. The majority expecting an answer within one working day. From our standards so far we’re meeting and exceeding people’s expectations.

As most respondents partipate /view our community forum, there was no real surprise that community/forum support factored highly on ‘would like as an official customer service channel’. Surprisingly though Facebook was much higher than twitter.



‘Other’ comments included email and live chat, interestingly only 2 suggestions for a phone number. Email surprised me a little, as the Ask an agent form is rather like a more secure version of email. Something that perhaps we can make a little easier.


It seems as we’ve got customer support covered via Facebook, twitter and forum we’re a step ahead of our competition and providing customer service where folks feel comfortable.




Regarding “opening hours”, most people said they would ask questions during business hours (9am-5pm). Our Community is ‘open’ 24/7 and our Member Services team are open 8am- 6pm Monday to Sunday. So again, I think we’ve got folks covered, however this is something we’ll continue to keep our eye on to make sure we’re meeting the demands of our members.



So all in all, it seems that you’re suggesting that we continue do more of the same. However, there’s always room for improvement – we’ll be making plans to implement a few of these ideas and improvements.


Thanks to those who took the time to add your thoughts, until next time – have a great weekend!


[Note: there seemed to be a bug with the “You indicated previously that may consider becoming a giffgaff member in the future. Is there anything holding you back?” question, it was supposed to not display if you indicated that you were a member, sorry about that]

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