Nearly £1 million paid back this year

Nearly £1 million paid back this year

by handy giff-staffer clairekav on ‎14-12-2011 15:03 - last edited on ‎27-10-2014 19:15 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

This payback period we’ve giving back nearly £700,000 to tens of thousands of members – just in time for Christmas.

The top Payback earner will receive nearly £14,000 in Payback, with dozens more earning over £1,000.


Payback is giffgaff’s way of rewarding members for helping giffgaff – that’s either through helping giffgaff grow, helping in the community by helping other members, creating and supporting new ideas, building new apps etc. 


When we started giffgaff, we wanted to be a force for good which is why we have included the option to donate Payback to charity. Each Payback we give our members the opportunity to select and then vote for their charity of choice. Taking a trip down memory lane:

  • Our first payback our members raised a grand total of £700 was raised for Cancer research (giffgaff matched – total £1400)
  • Our second payback raised £1584 for Macmillan Cancer support (£3169 once giffgaff matched it)
  • In May our members raised £2803 for Help for Heroes (£5606 matched by giffgaff)


This year community selected charity was Macmillan Cancer support, who we’re pleased to announce over 3000 generous members donated their £4854 Payback. We’ll be again matching members donations and will be giving Macmillan Cancer support a cheque for £9708.


This time last year Payback December 2010, our top earner took home £900, this payback period it is nearly £14,000, we look forward to seeing what we’re giving back this time next year.


Thanks to everyone who has supported giffgaff over the last two years – with the help of thousands of members recommending giffgaff to their friends, helping other members answer queries in the community and to those that help themselves by asking questions in the community or by searching the help section – we’ve managed to grow and continue to be successful.  


giffgaff is about mutuality, rewarding our members for helping us grow and develop. While £700k is a lot to give back, it is a small price to pay back for the effort and continued support from our members.


We’re proud to be giffgaff’ers - still Run by you. 

by as7861 ‎14-12-2011 15:07 - edited ‎14-12-2011 15:07

Great to hear :smileyhappy: this


and at end you may have mis-spelled  "its still** run by you :smileyhappy:"

by bellfroot on ‎14-12-2011 15:07

Nice one Claire, I got about £80 myself which will be going on a Huawei Blaze which will be gg'd trust me.


Glad to see this is one economic model that works.



by giffgaff; ergo sum bonusball on ‎14-12-2011 15:08

How nice of giffgaff to match the amounts raised on top of all the payback.

by rudedog on ‎14-12-2011 15:08

I need to get out there promoting more sims, £14,000 is wow! :smileysurprised: But thank you giffgaff for the payback I got, will come in handy over xmas :smileyhappy:

by rtraderuk on ‎14-12-2011 15:13


by mitchell2010 on ‎14-12-2011 15:16

this is one of the best threads i have read in ages, lets make 2012 a productive year, and put these last few weeks problems behind us :smileyvery-happy:.


a very BIG well done everyone.

by matt1111 on ‎14-12-2011 15:17

*Nearly passes out* £700,000. Holy cow, that's alot. Thanks giffgaff staff, you're truly amazing.


I've one more thing to say....This business model 100% works!

by zerodudex333 on ‎14-12-2011 15:23

£700,000!? Wow....I'm very happy to be a customer :smileyhappy:

Thanks giffgaff :smileyvery-happy:


Is anyone else still waiting for their Payback as cash? 

I am..

by mitchell2010 on ‎14-12-2011 15:26

Nopee zero...i got mine yesterday...just waiting for it transfer, how quick you get it depended on how quick you were to apply your payback as cash.

by cinami on ‎14-12-2011 16:07

Wow. I hope it doesn't bankrupt giffgaff. I couldn't survive without it. 

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