New Episode, The community in: The fishy feud

New Episode, The community in: The fishy feud

by david_m on ‎17-06-2011 11:28 - last edited on ‎20-08-2014 09:56 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

Hi Guys,


Here is our latest edition of the animated video series featuring the giffgaff community.  As always it's slightly weird and quirky, we try to show what is happening within the giffgaff community to give everyone a feel of what it's like to be involved with us. 


When Yaakov1 and Teddy77 began discussing giffgaff’s ability to provide implementation, Freddyfalco had to jump in to cool them both down and here is the result, enjoy :smileyhappy:




And for your enjoyment the descriptions of the characters in this episode:


Yaakov1 interested only in vodka and progress. Takes a dim view of those who disagree with either. He and Teddy77 have had plenty to argue about over the years and this situation is no different. 



Teddy77 was terribly scarred by one of the worst wars known to bears. It cost him an arm and a leg. And a bit of an ear. Tired of fighting but feels compelled to. Especially if someone’s questioning the actions of his new found army – The giffgaffers.




After years being married to one of the most famous mob bosses in history, Freddyfalco realized she could be more than just the woman behind the guy, behind the guy. She could be the guy behind the guy, behind the guy. He still feels his greatest talent is to disperse heated arguments, whether they’re about cash, hits or fish.




 Hope you enjoyed it folks :smileyhappy:




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