Studying giffgaff: would you please help me out? :)

Studying giffgaff: would you please help me out? :)

by crowdsourcing_anne on ‎03-07-2012 14:39 - last edited on ‎15-07-2014 15:56 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

Hello giffgaffers!


My name is anne, 24, from Utrecht, the Netherlands. I’m a Sociology student and currently studying the giffgaff community. In doing so, I could really use your help!


What interests me about giffgaff and your community is the way you guys interact with giffgaff. I would love to know why you joined the giffgaff forum and what it is that motivates you in making a contribution to giffgaff.  Specifically, I’d like to focus on your contributions regarding helping giffgaff in producing ideas, suggestions and comments on giffgaffs’  offer.


So, if you have ever posted an idea, suggestion, improvement, or anything that is related to this topic, I would like to ask you to please click here and complete my survey.


Doing so will take approximately five minutes of your time :smileyhappy: This would make me (and giffgaff) very happy!


Thank you!

by alecalexandrou on ‎03-07-2012 15:23

You are asking for too much information online, and you are not registered for Market Research.

by jtemplar on ‎03-07-2012 22:41


by crowdsourcing_anne on ‎05-07-2012 13:44

Hi everyone! There seems to be a little confusion on the education level-item, I'm sorry for using this scale! However, it's now to late to change the item into another scale, so I'd like you to answer it the best you can :smileyhappy:

About the 'enjoy thinking along on giffgaff'': the focus of the question is on the enjoyment part.

It could be rephrased into: I participate at giffgaff because I enjoy doing so.


Ow and thanks everybody who has so far completed my survey :smileyvery-happy:

by crowdsourcing_anne on ‎16-07-2012 11:56

already 58 completed surveys guys! But I will need a bit more in order to run  my analysis.. Will you help me out? :smileyhappy:

by bobsta on ‎16-07-2012 17:50



I think you missed an opportunity for having an open ended 'Any other comments' section - you can pick up a lot of data this way.

by shafpatel on ‎16-07-2012 19:25
by allan1954 enigma on ‎16-07-2012 19:42
by ch00w00 on ‎16-07-2012 20:43

done :smileyhappy:

by oldyorkie on ‎16-07-2012 23:49

Survey done .... hope you find the answers to your studies :smileyhappy:

by isabel1066 on ‎17-07-2012 07:32
Done the survey.
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