giffgaff Advent Calender: Day 22

giffgaff Advent Calender: Day 22

by handy giff-staffer zobia22 ‎22-12-2011 20:44 - edited ‎19-08-2014 16:10

3 days to go!


Here is today's advent calender...


A sweater with giffgaff on it - thanks severian! :smileywink:




If you've missed any, check the archive here.





by aaabzx3 on ‎22-12-2011 20:45
by kulsum on ‎22-12-2011 20:59
cute ^_^
by uzmabegum on ‎23-12-2011 01:14


by lipu247 on ‎23-12-2011 02:24

i am kudos giver lol

by stephenmiller on ‎23-12-2011 02:31


by jwhyment on ‎23-12-2011 11:00

bb or no bb, enough is enough, you promise launch of bb many times but do not produce. NOT topping up until bb is available.

by jamesd2010 on ‎23-12-2011 11:20

Very Nice :smileyhappy:.


Also, @jwhyment giffgaff has not made any official promises, please use the appropriate threads to have a good old moan, but try not to ruin the Christmas spirit on the Advent Calendar thread :smileyhappy:.

by stealthybigboss2 on ‎23-12-2011 18:38
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