giffgaff Facebook integration

giffgaff Facebook integration

by vincent on ‎05-10-2010 10:42 - last edited on ‎31-10-2014 18:27 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

We’re proud to announce a European first, we’ve launched our integrated support of our community with Facebook.


We’re the very first company in Europe to integrate our support forums through Lithium with Facebook.


As a company you should always strive to engage your community where they are, rather than making them come to you. Of course that is not always possible for everything a company does, but when people are in trouble or have questions about you, you would do well to engage them where these questions are raised.


First and foremost to make sure you create an environment where customers can ask questions and raise issues with minimal effort and secondly to resolve issues quickly.


We understand that not everyone feels comfortable in a forum environment and as Facebook is one of the most used websites on the internet we feel it makes sense that we try to find and help our members there.


We are always looking for ways to improve community engagement and add additional places for support for our members. And somehow integrate this into our community therefore everyone would benefit from the existing strength and knowledge of our established community.


The solution we have come up with caters for both in an elegant and simple way and means members can now choose which environment they’re most comfortable with.


Today we’ve launched integrated help on Facebook – adding an extra tab to our Facebook profile called ‘Help’. When anyone on Facebook posts a question there it will appear on Facebook as a ‘Wall’ post, while at the same time appearing on our forum as a new thread in our ‘Help: Ask the community’ section. People can either reply via Facebook or if you are already on the giffgaf forums, simply reply there and it will appear on the Facebook wall.




We think this is a brilliant step in the right direction and hope you will all enjoy giffgaff wherever you may find us :smileyhappy:


Check out the next customer service improvement instalment tomorrow from Heather.





by reddwarf on ‎05-10-2010 11:11

Vincent, in terms of payback how does it work? Will people still get payback for posting through Facebook?

by essexmate on ‎05-10-2010 11:13

This is excellent and will certainly help.


@reddwarf. It says above that you can continue to post on the forum and it will appear on facebook as well.

by billycraig on ‎05-10-2010 12:46

I love that idea!


With service like this, why are people still on the big networks?!


Great work again guys and thanks for clearing that up Vincent, I had a similar query.

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