giffgaff Open House details, one month to go! - @zoeawesome

giffgaff Open House details, one month to go! - @zoeawesome

by zoeawesome on ‎02-09-2013 16:00 - last edited on ‎22-08-2014 18:42 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

Hi Community!


Here's a vlog telling you what to expect at giffgaff's first Open House event which is happening just over a month away! 



There's going to some talks from some very important giffgaffers and opportunities for us to ask certain teams anything we wish as well as some awards and live entertainment!


Like I said at the start, dont worry if youre not able to make it in person, you'll still be involved and able to see a lot of whats gone on, live or otherwise.


So... Who will I be meeting there?


Until next time...



P.S You can more video from me here, and tweets from me here! :smileyhappy:  

by wbbuttercup on ‎02-09-2013 16:17

Nice vlog zoe:smileyhappy:

by misswotsit on ‎02-09-2013 16:17

ME ME ME!! I will be there with the other half!! :smileyvery-happy: 


I can't wait for this, seriously excited! :smileyvery-happy: 

by misswotsit on ‎02-09-2013 16:18

ps... not to mention another FANTASTIC vlog! :smileyvery-happy: 

by pedromap on ‎02-09-2013 16:34

exciting and love vlog cool

by sarah_e_w on ‎02-09-2013 17:05

Nice one Zoe, you've got me even more excited for this :smileyhappy:

by stealthybigboss on ‎02-09-2013 18:06
nice vid :smileyhappy:
by ma2013 on ‎02-09-2013 19:05

Great vlog Zoe. :smileyhappy:

by seang on ‎02-09-2013 19:50

Great vlog.

by pfinney on ‎02-09-2013 20:51

great vlog zoe


See ya there :smileyhappy: 

by oracle pinkcalculator on ‎02-09-2013 21:52
Under the bonnet sounds the best bit for me though I will be interested to hear about the agents and how they work, I do think in house would be something that should be considered.
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