giffgaff turns two!

giffgaff turns two!

by vincent on ‎25-11-2011 12:31 - last edited on ‎27-10-2014 19:16 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

Hi all,


Today giffgaff turns a whole two years old! Hooray, hooray for all of us :smileyhappy:


Instead of writting a long winded blog on the history of giffgaff thus far, we have worked together with one of our fantastic community members Joshaw, to make this fantastic infographic, which gives a beautiful representation of how far we've come.


Have a great day everyone and happy birthday to all us :smileyvery-happy:


ps. if the font is too small for you, click on the image and you'll get to see it in its full glory.




by bevlive on ‎25-11-2011 12:48

Yey! An excuse to party!!! Happy birthday giffgaff! :smileyhappy:

by clod on ‎25-11-2011 19:10





by joshaw on ‎25-11-2011 19:50

Happy Birthday to giffgaff, its two years and so far its been great, and im sure it will last :smileyhappy:


Thanks to everyone who likes my infographic timeline of giffgaff's history :smileyhappy:

by cheekypj on ‎25-11-2011 20:05

Happy Birthday!!!


Love beign here

by hamzee211 on ‎25-11-2011 20:23

Happy BirthDay :smileyhappy:

by wjack2010 on ‎25-11-2011 20:44

Well done, roll on another 2 years. How about giving us all a free Xbox Live Gold Membership :smileyvery-happy:

by viv3 on ‎25-11-2011 21:23

Happy Birthday giffgaff :smileyhappy:

Well done giffgaff for all you have achieved in your first two years

by crissy40 on ‎25-11-2011 21:26

Happy birthday giffgaff. At £5 per month, I could not live without you!!!!!!!!!! Amazing.

by nednats on ‎26-11-2011 00:31

Happy Birthday

by colin1110 on ‎26-11-2011 17:56

Happy Birthday GiffGaff., & many more to come :smileyvery-happy:

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