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Nectar canvass

Hi gg if you see this nectar canvass what a con they sign you up to do surveys for nectar points.the surveys take from 5 to 20 minutes then half way thru the survey they say you do not qualify then cut you off meaning no nectar points.

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Re: Nectar canvass

This is quite normal for survey sites, though some do give a token number of points even if you do not qualify to compensate for the time already spent.

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Re: Nectar canvass

Hardly think Canvass is a con; my account shows that I've collected 3320 Nectar points through it!


That's worth £15 off my shopping, or 6 lunches (via the £3 Meal Deal in Sainsbury's) for just 50p each (or a mere 35p, as I experienced the other day because the sandwich was cheaper than others).



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Re: Nectar canvass

Yeah this is a brilliant way to boost your nectar points :smileyhappy:

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