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How long does my SIM take to be activated?


How long does my SIM take to be activated?


Most of the activations are processed within a few minutes but it can take up to 24 hours in some situation.


You can check if your SIM has been activated by logging in "My giffgaff". When the SIM is activated, your purchase will be displayed:


  • In the "Balance" box if you added credit to your balance
  • In the "Your goodybag" section if you bought a goodybag

When your SIM is active you'll also see giffgaff as your network provider.


If your SIM is not activated after 24 hours, please contact our agents so they can verify the status of your activation. 


Don't forget to include:


  • Your name,
  • Your giffgaff username,
  • The 6 digit Activation Code
  • The 19 digit SIM serial number (everything before 3Ggg1)

 Please leave enough time for the activation to complete before contacting the agents.




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How long does my SIM take to be activated?

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