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£10 top up

hi i activated my sim with a £10 top up but on the wedsite and my phone i have 0 balance ? thx

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Re: £10 top up

Did you buy a goodybag?
What does it say when you dial .*100*7#
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Re: £10 top up

Did you buy a goodybag? If so, zero balance is correct because you've spent it. Not all networks work like this, but it makes most sense.
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Re: £10 top up

The website may not be refreshed.


Check omn your phone

dial *100# for your airtime credit balance

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Re: £10 top up

sim can take 24 hours max to activate
do u have a goodybag instead of credit?
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Re: £10 top up

Sim fully active?
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Re: £10 top up

Credit can take upto 24 hours to show up on the device (through calling *100#) or on the website.

Also, are you sure you didnt buy a goodybag with it??

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Re: £10 top up

Have you purcahsed a goodybag from your airtime?

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Re: £10 top up

Your £10:00 top up has paid for your goodybag.

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Re: £10 top up

It can take 30 minutes to 24 hours for your account to fully activate and if you have bought a £10 goodybag then you have used the £10 top up to buy it and your credit balance will be zero

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