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£5 free credit

I registered with giffgaff. Then got a sim from an agent. Then chose a £10 goodybag on the Giffgaff site with the code on the sim. But I didn't  see the £5 free credit appear when i went to pay. Does it come later? I didn't hear back from the agent so would appreaciate your answer.  Thanks, Philip

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Re: £5 free credit

you need to irder the sim through someones URL or banner
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If you want your free Sim simply follow the below link, and gain yourself free £5 credit !!:
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Re: £5 free credit


Normally it could be instant or upto 24 hours the reason for this is because .

Some time system takes time to confirm if the sim activated was refarrals or ordered from website .

Because Only sim offered through banner or given out by members qualify for free £5 credit not website orders !
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Re: £5 free credit

you only get the free £5 when getting from a giffgaffer no where else.
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Re: £5 free credit

it wud be instant sumtyms it takes up to 24 hours
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Re: £5 free credit

You will only get this if you ordered through an affiliate link.....

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Re: £5 free credit

If the leaflet you recived with sim said get free £5 credit please email it to agants they will be able to sort it for you !

You'll need to contact an agent here:

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Re: £5 free credit

If you ordered your sim via a banner that said you would get a free £5 then you will get it. However, it takes a little time to show on your account, at least 24 hours after you activated your sim.


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Re: £5 free credit

I dont think it was an agent who gave you the link for a sim. You can only contact an agent once you have an active sim. You probably clicked a link offering a free sim with £5 free credit. It can take up to 24hrs for the bonus to be credited to your account. If its still not showing on your account after 24 hrs dial *100# to check your balance if it still does not show, contact an agent through your my giffgaff page.
Hope I helped!
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Re: £5 free credit

From giffgaff its self you dont get £5 free credit if you order from a URL or banner like mine below then you get £5 free credit.

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