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APN for iPhone

Since I joined up to giffgaff, I followed the advice to set up iPhone and installed the giffgaff profile.


As I have an unlocked Italian iphone, I often SIM-swap and find that the profile kinda takes over everything and is a bit of a hassle to adjust (though for some reason the APN does not inhibit use of a 3IRL and 3UK SIM).


Today, this caused me no end of problems while trying to configure a brand-new 3 Italia iPad microSIM and, in order to get the latter to work, I had to remove the giffgaff profile. Once done, data flowed.


Now, having dispensed with that, I put the giffgaff back in for home use and instead of re-installing the giffgaff profile, I simply adjusted the APN from the default O2 one to the giffgaff one. It worked.


So -is that OK then?




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Re: APN for iPhone

My advice would be to follow these instructions and hope for the best:


How to giffgaff an iPhone

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Re: APN for iPhone

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the giffgaff access point is very similar to O2 anyway, only differing in name and username, so yes editing O2 is one way to set up