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BB Servicr

I'm considering getting the BB Service when I next top up. But I was wondering, if I was to top up on the £5 goodybag, would it work without having 3G (or Wi-Fi).
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Re: BB Servicr

Yes, it does work fine. You would get unlimited BBM and email, but if you were to browse the web not connected to wifi, you would get charged.

Some apps may work (as they go through bb internet) some may not as they go through normal internet.
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Re: BB Servicr

Charges blackberry.

4. If you buy the BlackBerry Add-on with the £5 Unlimited Text goodybag you will still be charged our PAYG rate of 20p a MB for internet usage, but BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Push Email will be free.  (Note: Currently not available with hokey cokey, but coming soon!)

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Re: BB Servicr

Yep can confirm it works ok Smiley Happy