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Call History

Where on the website do I go to find my call history and usage? Every other network I have been with (bearing in mind I have lived abroad alot) I have been able to get at least my last months calls times and length of call on the networks website but not sure where I go here to find it?

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Re: Call History

Sorry but this just isn't available on giffgaff and this information is only available by asking an agent.
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Re: Call History

Agents should be able to provide you with some of the information you are looking to find.


But there is nowhere on the site you can see call history etc..

itemised billing is not provided, unless requested from agents<---ask an agent link

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Re: Call History

i know it cant do it now.But theres a great app on google play which you can download and its free.Its called call and text logger.Have a look mate.All the best  :smileylol:

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Re: Call History

Sadly the horrible ask an agent section is terribly restrictive and it doesn't appear there is any way to correctly request this.


Any ideas which category etc. this should be put through in order to get a result?

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Re: Call History