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Cancel giffgaff

I would like to cancel giffgaff - how do i go about this? Do i cancel my direct debit?


Thank you


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Re: Cancel giffgaff

Go to this page to delete your card details:

Then you can just leave your account as is and leave giffgaff
Hope this helps mate! Smiley Happy
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Re: Cancel giffgaff

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Your giffgaff account will be closed automatically if you transfer your number to another provider with a PAC code. Any credit in your account will be lost, so it would be worth using it first.


If you want to close your account and are not transferring out the number, simply stop using the sim. It will become inactive after 6 months.


Check that auto top-up and recurring goodybags are switched off on your payment details tab:


Remove your card details from the same tab to prevent any unexpected payments.


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Re: Cancel giffgaff

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Hi vbird,


As giffgaff is Pay as You Go, there is no contract to cancel,


Just cancel your direct debit with your bank and use the links above to cancel any recurring goodybags stop using your giffgaff SIM, you will lose any airtime credit unless you use it all.


If you want to take your number with you dial 43431 for your PAC code.


Sorry to hear you are leaving

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Re: Cancel giffgaff

Hi Vbird, and welcome to the giffgaff community,

follow this and remove your card details,

The giffgaff account will be closed after 6 months without use e.g. no calls or texts sent or received,

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Re: Cancel giffgaff

hi there yeh just delete ur card detail, then done use the giffgaff sim as giffgaff will deactive it if not used within 6monyth any way

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Re: Cancel giffgaff



It's really easy to leave giffgaff mate, all you need to do is cancel your recurring goodybag and remove your bank details from you're profile.


Before I provide you the link, can I ask why it is you're leaving us? Is there anything giffgaff can do to entice you to stay? If not we're sorry to see you leave and here's that link I promised:



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Re: Cancel giffgaff

did you buy a giffgaff phone? you have 7 days to cancel contract, you can do this by contacting an agent here:
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Re: Cancel giffgaff

You do not need to leave unused credit giffgaff let you donate so none goes to the black hole

To donate by using your airtime credit just;
Text "CTGG88 £1" to 70070 to donate £1
Text "CTGG88 £5" to 70070 to donate £5
Text "CTGG88 £10" to 70070 to donate £10
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Re: Cancel giffgaff

what do you want to leave gg for.
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