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Cant connect to internet - samsung E590



there seems to be a few internet threads so I am sorry if this has been recently answered, I just cant find the relevant info. Most queries seem to be for smartphones like HTC or Iphone. I have a more no frills Samsung E590.


I signed up a few days ago, and have been unable to connect to the net via GPRS or GSM. In the settings there is places to type IP codes and such, but I have no idea about how to set it up.


Can somebody help me? I am going camping tomorrow, and it would be good to keep up with my emails & whatnot.



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Re: Cant connect to internet - samsung E590

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Hey, will keep looking but can't find a walkthrough for your particular phone, although the generic settings can be found here.


Or can look at walkthroughs for similar phones here, such as the E530 here.


And of course the easiest way, try texting "settings to "2020" to get them sent to your phone automatically.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Cant connect to internet - samsung E590

Go to the Samsung website and send UK O2 settings to your phone. Then simply edit those settings to tailor them to giffgaff.


For the WAP settings you should only need to change the APN to, the user name (login ID) to giffgaff, and the password to password. For MMS, also change the server and/or the MMSC to You can also change the profile names by replacing O2 with giffgaff if you want to.

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Re: Cant connect to internet - samsung E590

Thanks for the quick reply, seems to have worked.