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Customer care number

Hello there Can anyone tell me please what is the giffgaff customer care number? And can you also tell me can i use personel hotspot from my iphone using giffgaff?
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Re: Customer care number

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GiffGaff is a network run by users.


There isn't a customer care number


You can ask for help here,  or contact an agent


Hot spot need thering, and that dosen't meet GiffGaff T&C


Hope that was a help.

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Re: Customer care number

No tethering with an iPhone is not allowed and will get you barred.
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Re: Customer care number

No phone number mate and giffgaff don't support hotspot. You can jailbreak to use it but tethering is not allowed n will get you banned! Unless you use a gigabag. We're customer services and earn payback for it unless its account related then it ask an agent. Welcome to giffgaff mate!
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Re: Customer care number

There are no numbers to call, its sorted on the forum for most things - and if its about money etc and we cannot sort it - then its done via messaging an agent.
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Re: Customer care number

There is no phone number. If you have a problem post it on this forum and the community will help solve it. If we find that it is a sensitive problem e.g. regarding account, credit etc. you can contact an agent who will look into it for you. - Ask an agent

You can't use hotspot while using a goodybag as it is against the t&c's and tethering will result in a ban. However you can purchase a gigabag which you can use to tether. Also remember you can't have both a goodybag and gigabag active on your account at the same time.

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Re: Customer care number

I believe the iphone hotspot can only be accessed by a network carrier settings file which giffgaff as of yet does not support.

However, even if it did have this option you cannot tether using your phone if you have purchased a goodybag. You could only tether on a gigabag or normal PAYG.
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Re: Customer care number

As above. Can teather on payg or using a gigabag. Can't use a goody bag to teather.
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Re: Customer care number

You didn't read the forums did you?  Ask any questions here and buy a gigabag or use credit to connect a computer to the net.

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Re: Customer care number

You can't ring customer services because giffgaff don't have one, you will have to contact an agent and tethering is only allowed using a gigabag.
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