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Cut SIM doesn't work in my new Nexus 4



Just switching to the Nexus 4 and it won't accept my SIM card. I cut it myself a while back but ended up using it in a Galaxy ace it could be a little fiddly but it worked. It was meant to be used in an Iphone - long story but the Iphone never materialised so I'm not sure if it was ever cut correctly. As it's been cut I don't have any serial numbers and trying to go through all the sub headings in giff gaff help is driving me a bit doo lally, My question is really can I get a  Micro Sim from GIff Gaff with my current number on it or do I have to go through the whole PUK transfer number hassle which from passed experiences takes for ever and a day with Giff Gaff. 


Thanks in advance for any help. 


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Re: Cut SIM doesn't work in my new Nexus 4

You could try a SIM Swap...

You need a new SIM from the spread giffgaff page,
(unless you have an unactivated one to hand)...then do a SIM swap. All your account details will transfer over to it, including goodybag, number and credit. Giffgaff SIM's
are hybrid dual SIM's with a microSIM popout.

Here is how to carry out a SIM swap:
Click this link and log in:
Enter in the 6 digit code from your new SIM
On the next page it will show the 6 didgit activation
codes and SIM serial numbers of your current and new
SIM cards.

Click on where it says...
"Yes I want to replace my SIM"
(scroll down to see on mobile)

On the next page click "yes I'm sure"
Your new SIM should be active within 30 minutes.
Your old SIM will then be disabled.
You have now completed a SIM swap.

Here is a SIM Swap video guide:

Please note that, to ensure the SIM Swap process
runs smoothly, SIM Swaps can only be carried out
between 4:30am and 9:30pm each day.

Please choose a 'Best Answer' if your problem was solved...thanks :-)
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Re: Cut SIM doesn't work in my new Nexus 4

If u with Giff gaff already , it s simple , just do a sim swap , once u get u new sim , u just activate it

An hey presto , it's all done. :-)
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Re: Cut SIM doesn't work in my new Nexus 4

hi ross in this case mate i would suggest ordering a new sim and transfering your number all the messing about your doing now you could have ordered the new sim and while waiting for it to arrive get your puk code to the ready and when it arrives simply login to giff gaff enter details and hey presto all done very simple to do also

good luck