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Data settings

Hi there, I joined giff gaff a month or two ago and have an iPhone 4S ios6 - the problem is no matter the how inset my settings manually or automatically I can never seem to receive pictures or send or upload without being connected to my wifi. So if I'm out and someone sends me for example a what's app.. I can't download or send pics - check in on Facebook not send or receive mms messages.

Can someone please help me out its becoming very frustrating.

Kind regards
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Re: Data settings

Giffgaff guide to an iphone 4 -

Giffgaffguide to an iphone 3/3gs -
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Re: Data settings

Remove any network profiles from Mobile network (or Cellular network)
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Re: Data settings

Giffgaff iphone settings link
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Re: Data settings

Hi ruby, follow this guide to fix it.

Uploading/streaming Malfunction - iPhone.
(facebook/youtube/whatsapp etc.).

You need to Reset the Network.
Remove any profile first.

Go to - Settings / General / Profiles (at the bottom).
Click Profiles and Remove any that are there.

Now go to - Settings - General - Reset
(near the bottom of the page).

Then click Reset Network Settings.

When your iPhone restarts, go to -
Settings - General - Mobile Data - (cellular)
Mobile data network (cellular data network)

Now change the mobile data and mms apn's
From -
To -
Do Not click reset.

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Re: Data settings

If you still have an old network profile in your settings you need to remove it as it can cause these problems.
For iOS 6 Goto Settings> General> Mobile Data>
Scroll to the bottom to see the profile and delete it. You may need to re-enter the giffgaff settings manually afterwards.


There are also some iOS 6 issues with wifi. I'm having problems with the weather app and connecting to the app store when on wifi. When on 3G they connect no problem.

Apple are currently beta testing the iOS 6.01 update that will hopefully fix these issues.