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Incoming mail server

What details do i enter on this, as my mail is not working since I switched to Giffgaff. My internet is running ok
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Re: Incoming mail server

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Re: Incoming mail server

It really depends on which email client you use? Is it gmail hotmail etc?
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Re: Incoming mail server

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Normally for services like gmail,, simply logging into their services will get you mail.  Email provided by another provider willl have details on their site and will depend how email retrieved IMAP or POP + which phone you have.

If you provide which companys email account(s) you need to link to and which phone, it will be easier for community to provide assistance.

As example I use 1and1 for email using IMAP as delivery mechanism and the settings are for incoming mail  and for outgoing

Most providers have a similar type mailbox value beginning imap or pop for incoming and smtp for outgoing.

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