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International text

Giffgaff is advertising text messages to EU countries at a rate of 8p per text. I just sent text to Slovakia which is in the EU and I was charged 0.56p instead of 8p. Does anyone know why? Please help.
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Re: International text

If you ever find that you have been charged unexpectedly (or for something that should have been free), contact an Agent at (select Billing > Unexplained Charging Issues)

They will be able to explain why the charges have been made and/or organise a refund where appropriate.

If while contacting an Agent you come across the 'Invalid Date' message, this is a known issue on the site; the current work-around is to choose a category and subcategory with no date, such as:

Sim service > No service (tick all 'Yes' options)
(direct link to this:

Enter all the actual details for the issue you're having in the box there, and an Agent should come back to you in the normal manner.
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Re: International text

This is a money matter you would need to contact an agent
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Re: International text

i dont think any one will no the specific reason for that to find out the right reason for that just get in touch with the agent , they will let u no the reason for that
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Re: International text

Was your text very long?  56p could be 7 texts.  Are you sure your text only got sent once?


Is the person you are texting living in Slovakia with a slovakian mobile?

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Re: International text

you will neeed to contact an agent about this Smiley Happy 

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Re: International text

he put "0.56p", which is less than 1p
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