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Internet doesn't work

Hi, I've got Samsung S4, activated the goodybags for £12, followed the guide to activate the internet for android. The problem is, that I've got a connection, but it drops randomly and doesn't work properly. Please help.

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Re: Internet doesn't work

For android settings see or install giffgaff apn app or tweaker from play using wifi
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Re: Internet doesn't work

Check the signal in your area to check for any faults with the network in your area. Do so by going to this link

If everything is all right with the signal in your area then try a manual roam which should update your connection with the network.

Make sure you have the correct apn settings for your handset to do this: Text "Settings" to 2020. If this doesnt work, then use one of the link below based on the handset

Blackberry - Android - Windows Phone - Iphone - Others-


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Re: Internet doesn't work

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Re: Internet doesn't work

Check Internet settings:

You need to enter the giffgaff APN settings into your phone.

Here are the settings for the most popular phones.

Firstly text "SETTINGS" to 2020, should this not work, please choose your mobile Operating System from the list below and click the link:

Guide to Android:
Guide to iPhone 4:
Guide to iPhone 3G/3GS:
Guide to Windows Mobile 6.1:
Guide to Windows Phone 7/7.5:
Guide blackberry.;
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Re: Internet doesn't work

Android settings:

Text "SETTINGS" to 2020, click on the link and it should enter the giffgaff settings into your phone.


Go to the google play store and download Tweaker APN app, open it and choose giffgaff as the network. It will then install the settings for you.

Android STEP by STEP guide:

go to settings /wireless & networks / mobile networks /access point names /
/ press the menu key /select (new apn)

Enter the following information;
Connection Name ... giffgaff
APN ...
Username ... giffgaff
Password ... password

Press the menu key and select (save)
Tap the circle next to it to see a green light.
Press back key and tick (Use Packet Data)
(or data enabled).Go back to the home screen. Then Restart your phone.

The link below may also help you if you still have issues.

Try restarting your phone. Please check the network coverage status of your area here:

Please also consider doing this manual roam onto your Phone/device:
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Re: Internet doesn't work

if you have wi-fi access, download the giffgaffAPN app from the Android Marketplace (google play) to set them up for you or click here to download the giffgaff apn:
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Re: Internet doesn't work

watch youtube how to set it up
watch youtube via wifi
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Re: Internet doesn't work

Several things can cause problems with internet access. First check that you have an active goodybag and also check that the goodybag still has a data allowance if it is not one with unlimited data. If you do not have a data allowance, check that you have sufficient credit for data. Also check that data connections are enabled on the phone. If all these are okay, delete the settings on your phone and set them up from scratch using the instructions as mentioned below for the giffgaff internet settings and then switch the phone off and then on again. Hopefully that will get the internet working again.

here are the gg internet settings

Single guide -
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Re: Internet doesn't work

Try these settings and reebot once done if they still dont work let us know