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Keep own Number

Hi my friend wants to join us on gg but needs to keep her number how does she do it? She is on O2

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Re: Keep own Number

To transfer a number to Giffgaff, you need to get a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from your old network by calling them up and asking for it. Once you receive this it is valid for 30 days before you have to request another one. When you get the PAC enter it into this page: (

You will need to choose a date for the transfer to happen. Transfers don’t happen on the weekend. It is best to choose a date at the start of the week, because although transfers should happen over the course of 24 hours, if problems arise you may lose the use of your phone over the weekend if you set the port for the end of the week.

Porting happens in stages, so you will find that some services will work before others. Don’t panic if you find that your calls are working but your texts are not. Give it a bit more time for the port to complete. Usually when the port completes, you will be able to see your new number in the ‘my giffgaff’ page, but this is not for sure and some parts of the port may still be in process.

For further information:
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Re: Keep own Number

Get a Porting Auhtorisation Code (PAC) from the existing provider o2

 see for the giffgaff transfer process


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Re: Keep own Number

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Re: Keep own Number

Check these
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