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Keeping my number

How can i keep my number and where to call
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Re: Keeping my number

See how to keep your number
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Re: Keeping my number

Hello, in order to transfer your number over to Giffgaff, you must have:
1) An Active Giffgaff Sim
2) A valid PAC Code

You need to contact your previous network provider and ask them to give you your PAC Code. You then need to follow the steps in this guide to transfer your number over to Giffgaff:

Note that number transfers do not take place over the weekends.
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Re: Keeping my number

contact your previosu network provider to get this 

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Re: Keeping my number

mayvish11 wrote:
How can i keep my number and where to call

To bring your mobile number to giffgaff,  you need to:


  1. Activate and top-up a giffgaff SIM - this will give you a new (albeit temporary) number. The credit you add now will be carried forward when the port is complete, so you won't lose it.

  2. Contact your current Service Provider and request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) to transfer (port-out) your number to another network.PACs are valid for 30 days from the issue date.

  3. Make sure your giffgaff account and SIM has been fully activated - allow at least 24 hours after the SIM has started working before requesting the transfer. Trying before this may result in problems accessing the transfer request form.

  4. Log in to your account, then go to:
    Note: Transfers are only carried out on normal weekdays, not on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.


Remember to backup your contacts and data on your old SIM before proceeding with the transfer..


This guide provides full details of the process


Please note: You can only transfer (port) a number from one UK network to a different UK network. You cannot port a number from one network to the same network (e.g. giffgaff to giffgaff), or to/from a non-UK provider's network.

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Re: Keeping my number

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If you are porting in your old number from a different network you need to get a PAC code from your previous supplier. Then go here:


This link should tell you all about it.

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Re: Keeping my number

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Re: Keeping my number

Hello and welcome to giffgaff.

If you want to bring your number into giffgaff, then to port in you need to request a PAC number from your current provider. Have a look at the guide here:

Your current network should be able to text a PAC to you within 24 hours or email one within 48 hours. However, some are more willing than others, so be prepared to chase, especially the smaller networks.

If you want to take your giffgaff number to a different network, you can request a PAC number here or by dialing 43431.

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Re: Keeping my number

Hi there.
To transfer your old number to giffgaff,you need a pac code,from your old network provider.
Please check out the link below,thanks.
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Re: Keeping my number

ask your old provider for a PAC then when your giffgaff sim is activated login to your giffgaff dashboard and use the transfer your number link
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