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Leave Giffgaff?

Considering leaving Giffgaff again, possibly moving to 3, as they are the only other network with a reasonable deal. Reason I'm considering it is there seems to be a lot of trouble with response times from agents, not that I have ever had a problem, but I use my phone for work so can't be without a phone days on end. Is the long response times going to improve? ( time of year)
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Re: Leave Giffgaff?

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Don't think they will improve. Because GG are recruiting new agents at the moment


Better off leaving if you are not happy :smileysad: Bye

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Re: Leave Giffgaff?

Wait for head of giffgaff to response to this but that's unlikely
Simply they need more staff and my personal opinion improve agent responses or sack them
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Re: Leave Giffgaff?

Just stay and make money back on payback :smileywink:

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Re: Leave Giffgaff?

The problems you see are in a minority and most people have a very good service. Plus they are currently training new agents.
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Re: Leave Giffgaff?

There have been some problems lately, I'm sure things will improve.
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Re: Leave Giffgaff?

If you use the phone for work, I'd advise not to move to GG now. There have been ongoing serious port problems leaving some users without a phone for days.

This only happens in a minority of cases, but if your phone is mission critical I'd advise against GG right now.

Ps giffgaff is great if you can risk the outages!
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Re: Leave Giffgaff?

Hopefully as I'm sure i read that new agents are being recruited. Also remember that there are educators. A word of advice: 3 is the worst network ive ever experienced, shoddy indian customerr service; rude and uunhelpful!
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Re: Leave Giffgaff?

good luck in your new network if you decide to leave gg.
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Re: Leave Giffgaff?

Wait! If you are already on GG and experiencing no problems why move??!!

If it ain't broke...
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