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I have noticed that my top up has been activated more than usual and beleive I am a victim of a scam called Mobijo.


Given I dont receive details of the charges on my phone I cannot confirm this to be true but I have received a couple of Texts suggesting that I can win more if I pay more.


I want the deduction stopped immediately as I do not want to be involved in this.


What do I need to do to stop it.



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Re: Mobijo

Sorry to hear about this mate! Contact an agent to get this resolved or your sim cancelled,
You can contact an agent by clicking this handy link: and selecting the category of your issue. They should usually get back to you within 24 hours.
Sometimes members get a date error when contacting an agent if you do please follow the link below
Http:// and select 30 from the select box and then write your question in the text area.
Hope this helps mate! Smiley Happy
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Re: Mobijo

You need to stop this activism. If the texts are coming from a shortcode number, text " STOP " as a reply.

However, check the company out first for more details here -
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Re: Mobijo

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Would suggest (a) avoid topping up and remove any automatic top up until this is resolved for you (at least then you can only loose your existing credit)

(b) not sure whether texting "STOP" is a good idea or not; see the following:-


It seems that scammers are often wise to this and the process of texting "STOP" both alerts them to having a "live one" as well as an opportunity to charge.

I would get the agents to block it first for you and wait


Also, you can get a new number from giffgaff free, again, just ask the agent

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Re: Mobijo

@ william_knapman

Hiya mate. There is a difference between texting " STOP " to a normal 11 digit number ( regular spam merchants will know the number is live as you point out ).

But premium texts from shortcode numbers are regulated by phonepayplus, and the rules are more stringent.
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Re: Mobijo

Thanks for your help. I have contacted an agent and await their response.


Pity the system doesn't have a sub category for being scammed!!!

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Re: Mobijo

You should text STOP ALL to the short code that the texts come from.
All my posts are typed individually for your specific problem and I never copy/paste from a script.

If you need an agent, use and choose the relevant category. Please refrain from using the link, the SIM limit form, or "choosing 30" from the drop-down menu, as this is not supported and may result in your query going to the wrong area.
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Re: Mobijo

YoU can ask the agents
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Re: Mobijo

I have received a response from the agent basically saying they cannot help as the perpetrator is a third party.


So whilst Giffgaff are blindly paying a third party from my account they cannot/will not do anything to stop it when asked.


Basically it is up to me to solve the problem which hopefully has been accomplished but only time will tell.


So the moral is beware of any "free" offers and if you inadvertantly signed up to one of these organisationsfix the problem yourself.


That's the reality