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Network settings

 What can I do with my giffgaff network settings area?

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Re: Network settings

Hi, I need more info I think. What are you looking to do?

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Re: Network settings



I'm not sure what you mean, but if you are after settings for your phone (internet and mms) then generally you get a text message containing configuration information when you firs use your new GiffGaff sim. Once recieved, select insall and ff you go!


If for some reason you dont get the settings text automatically, you may request that a settings text message is sent to your phone. To do this, simply test the word SETTINGS to the number 2020 (free of charge) and within a few minutes your text message will arrive.


Hope that was useful.


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Re: Network settings

If you mean the section under "My account" (in the "My giffgaff" part of the website) I think that is just used to show you what bars you may have asked to be put on your SIM (e.g. premium rate numbers).  You would request that sort of thing via the ask an agent page.  More details of what bars you can request can be found on this page.

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Re: Network settings

Try this link
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Re: Network settings

Lazarus thread Smiley Sad